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Should I buy Crypto Currency- April 2, 2023

No, cryptocurrencies aren’t an investment vehicle, and right now, there aren’t many investment vehicles like ETFs that base their price on specific coins. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies with a decentralized ledger that can’t be edited post-transaction.

Expert Insight For Beginner Rental Property Investors- March 31,2023

You might find out that it's more complicated than you had expected or harder to break even and turn a profit; that pill would be a little easier to swallow if you start small than if you jump in completely blind. It also depends on your personality, access to capital and other personal or professional commitments.Whatever you think your maintenance cost will be, double it and try to figure out if you'd be able to manage that. Spending twice as much as you thought you would on maintenance is a real possibility, so tread carefully if that would sink your ship.


Finding the Best Life Insurance For Seniors- March 28, 2023

If your estate liquidity needs are relatively small, you may not need life insurance. When looking at life insurance earlier in life, typically, there are people depending on your income, and there could be something like a mortgage balance that you might want to be paid off in the event of your untimely death. 

Finding the Best First-Time Credit Cards- March 22, 2023

Credit cards can be a great tool for building credit, purchase protection and rewards. Using them to pay for something you can't afford this month is a slippery slope that leads a lot of people into unmanageable debt.

Older Adults' Guide to Income Streams and Money Management in Retirement- December 9, 2022

Finding ways to continue to earn money can be very powerful in retirement, especially if you can delay taking social security and increase your base for it. When you retire, you'll need to figure out how to spend your time. There could be things you can do that don't feel like work, things that you would have never considered your "career", but things that can help get your retirement meaning and make it mathematically possible.

How to Start Saving and Investing - November 11, 2022

Money and investing share a lot in common with diet and exercise, so much of it is tied to behavior. Making small modifications, you can stick with will give you a better chance at success than something like a fad diet or some program to get your perfect body in 30 days.

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Inflation and House Prices: What Homebuyers, Sellers, and Renters Need to Know- June 1, 2022

Prices are up almost everywhere – from food, to gas, to home prices. In February 2012, the nationwide price of a house in the U.S. was $160,000. More than ten years later, that number is up to a record $412,000. Homes in markets like Seattle, WA, regularly face bidding wars, while nationwide, nearly 6,000 have sold for $100,000 or more above asking price this year. Home prices have been steadily rising for years, but they have dramatically increased in recent months. Why?

How Life Insurance Can Help With Estate Planning - March 31, 2022

It depends a little bit on your situation, but if people depend on your income it's incredibly important for them to have a way to replace it should something happen to you. There are lots of insurance products out there, some of them include investments and build-up cash value while others don't. If you have multiple professionals for insurance, investment, tax, and legal considerations, it's probably a good idea for all of them to be communicating with each other. You may have a great advisor, a great attorney and a great accountant, but a bad plan if they're not all on the same page. 

How to Build Income Streams In Retirement- March 31, 2022

Redefine Retirement, maybe you're retiring from your career, but that doesn’t have to mean stopping any sort of gainful employment. Finding ways to continue to earn money can be very powerful in retirement, especially if you can delay taking social security and increase your base for it. 

Smart Spending In Retirement- December 23, 2021

How much should retirees withdraw annually and from what accounts should they draw income first? What is the best strategy to ensure that retirement funds last? What are the worst retirement moves for retirees, contrary to popular belief? What are the biggest retirement regrets?

Beginner's Guide to Credit Card Basics- How Credit Cards Work- November 5, 2021 

What are a few credit card myths people shouldn't believe? What should they do instead?

Rising rates means 2% interest on savings could be 'new normal'- January 14th, 2018

If the Fed continues to raise rates, The downside: Lenders are likely to charge more for all loans, says Solomon. Know too, that " long-term bonds are in more jeopardy as the Fed rises rates. They are more unstable in a rising interest-rate environment," says Michael Kresh, chief investment officer with Creative Wealth Management in Islandia. So what should you do? Play defense